Where the sea converges with sky

Jingle- Jangle was born out of my love for combining the world of contemporary abstract art with crafts.Alcohol ink artwork adhered on wooden slice coated with resin and whimsical air dry clay charms that is ought to be eye catching.


The only piece in this series in cool shades of greyish violet and mint and a touch of gold detailing. We are used to seeing the sea and the sky meet at the horizon and I wonder what would it appear like from a spherical horizontal plane. Just my imagination going places. This is how I would like to imagine it with this painting. What about you?

Where the sea converges with sky

  • Artist note

    • Please hang the artwork indoor to avoid the adverse efffects of UV rays on the colors.
    • The top coat of the painting is in resin which is a synthetic material and might have some hardly noticeable imperfections due to its nature of curing process which is influenced by external factors beyond my control.
    • Please read the terms of shipping and returns in FAQs before you make your purchase.

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