Tranquil heart

Being an overtly emotional person I am always oscillating between extreme emotions. Not realising the impact it has on my mental health. I am not saying emotions are bad. But feeling things in such extremeties is probably not. When the lockdown here in India was announced I was with my in-laws and I was extremely flustered that I was away from my art. When I re-connected with an old friend who practises buddhism a few days later, I told her about  this and she told me something which was absolute gold! She told me to stop resisting my feelings and instead to go give it some love. To actually observe what this feeling really trying to tell about myself, using it as a guide and to navigate my inner realm. All in search of a tranquil heart.


An original alcohol ink painting framed in solid teakwood floater frame.

Artwork size : 8inch x 10inch

The painting comes as a holiday bundle including small goodies all made with love 

- a gold gilded notecard on handmade cotton paper

- an original watercolor flower sticker

- a dry flower bouquet


The artwork has multiple coats of spray varnish by Winsor and Newton to protect against UV Rays. But it is advisable to hang the artwork away from sunlight to avoid the adverse effects of UV rays.


By making this purchase you are not only supporting me but supporting the local carpentar  who made these frames.




Tranquil heart

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    • Due to computer screen difference the colors may appear different.

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