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Confluence is the juncture at which two rivers meet.

And this art collection of mine is inspired by these river confluences.



After being away from my home studio for almost two months, when I got back to my art

I was admittedly a little scared to get back to it (yes all artists tend to go through this when we take a break).

To get over this mental block one day I decided to just sit down to play around with my colorful inks to watch them do their thing, with no expectation of the outcome. While I was completely involved and mesmerised by the the colors flowing and blending into one another I noticed something that reminded me of a river confluence that I had visited in the year 2013 in Ladakh India. The converging point of Zanskar and Indus rivers in the rugged mountains of the Himalayan Ranges. And that's when I knew what my next collection is all about.


View of the confluence, year 2013

Me, at the view point, probably dreaming of painting this years later

River Confluences are really fascinating to me, I wonder about the long journey that rivers make, pick up silt, sediments,mud, rocks and features that give them their distinct hue. And when they meet one another to become one, how much of their individual characteristics do they leave behind and how much do they carry forward? When they  flow into each other and become one,does it get renewed, a transformation that must take place from where it continues to meander before it ends up at sea? The rivers converge and diverge at various points and its a part of the river system from always.

With this in mind I have painted how I see confluence, using shades of blues greens and yellows and lots of gold


And the best part about this collection if you ask me?

Is how I have caused the inks to flow and merge together to achieve a desired outcome of confluence.

So in a way the painting process and the final outcome are the same. Which I think is so cool.

With that I present to you 

The Confluence Collection