Hello, I am Nikita

I  welcome  you  to  my  at haven

I am an artist by profession on mission to bring beauty to this world one painting at a time.

When I was young I found such joy in making cards, gifting them to my friends and family on special occasions. Alongside my 8 year long filmmaking career, I kept experimenting with pieces of décor now and then. And then in the year 2018, something sparked in me. I was browsing through the internet (thanks, pinterest) and a voice in my head said that this was the time I give the artist in me a chance to shine. It was now or never. And that day, deep from my heart Kokopelli Art Studio was born.

Kokopelli Art Studio reflects my love for fluid mediums and the magic they create. I particularly enjoy the tug of war between  between letting the colours flow naturally and directing their flow. I look at every piece of artwork as an adventure I embark on, thrilling and exciting not knowing where my intuition will lead me to. Just surrendering to the moment and letting it flow through me.

I always crave to explore new experiences to enrich my life and my art. To travel to be one with nature.  I hope for my art to not just serve the purpose of beauty but to make you feel, to expand our ideas, to maybe instil a moment of stillness or to transport you to an imaginative world for a few moments and literally to fill your walls with life!

Art is an expression of my being, it truly is who I am at the most fundamental. It is the closest thing to my essence there is. It is through my art I allow myself to be revealed.

MY FAVOURITE TOOL are my hands, I like to thank them from time to time and sometimes give them a little kiss 

MY BRAND MOTTO IS to give life to  bare walls with beauty 

MY LIFE MOTTO IS to embrace my weirdness because its what makes me , ME!

MY FIRST LOVE: Foooooooooodd!!!

I AM A COLLECTOR OF : Gold Pigments, paints, pens, sprays, gimme anything gold 

And since you have read this far I want to leave you with a positive affirmation. Repeat after me "MY WALLS DESERVE BEAUTY" :-D

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